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Best Electric is a residential, commercial and industrial electrical company that has been in business for more than three decades. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the premiere electrical contractors in this industry. We specialize in commercial sign installation and repair, renovations, landscape and security lighting, as well as electrical service repair.

Every day, we're involved in the bidding, management and accounting of all the work we do in the this industry. Through the years we have compiled an extensive body of work and a client base that includes some of the largest commercial interests in the nation.

We believe that our personal service, knowledge and competitive pricing has given us a solid foundation in the Abilene community, and we strive to mainatin an excellent working relationship with all contractors, architects, engineers, and building regulators.

Eddie Dempsey, Owner

Best Electric

“I have been in the electrical business since 1979, with the experience in all aspects of wiring, whether it's residential or commercial, to complete any job safely and professionally.”

Our Goals

The Best Service at the Best Price

Every day, our knowledgeable staff works with training, equipment, and products to keep your lighting and electrical needs operating at peak efficiency - at a price you can afford. We’ll assess your electrical needs and develop a solution that makes the most of your time and money.

Our Skills

"How To" meets "Know How"

At Best Electric, we believe that the key to success is the passion to provide our customers with the best of what we have to offer. We maintain a staff of bonded, licensed, and experienced electricians, as well as all the necessary tools and equipment required to complete even the most demanding jobs. We're well qualified to handle any type or size of electrical installation you might require.